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Craniosacral Therapy ~ Biodynamic Fluid Field Healing

biodynamic-craniosacral-therapyThis subtle touch treatment follows the cranial wave and the tidal rhythms of the body’s inner sea ~ leading to profound depths of stillness and dynamic fluid healing.

Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle, non-invasive, hands-on therapy. During the session, the client is completely clothed while the practitioner performs a variety of gentle holds. The practitioner's role is to remain centered and still while sensing and "listening" to the client's craniosacral pulse and tidal rhythms and holding space for those rhythms to move into a deep sense of inner stillness and balance.

Rather than to attempt to "fix" problems, Craniosacral Therapy, especially when practiced with a Biodynamic perspective, allows space for issues to simply be and have room to reorganize and shift naturally. Although it is a subtle treatment, Craniosacral Therapy can facilitate deep release on physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

1hr $100  

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Our Inner Sea

sedona biodynamic craniosacral therapyThe human body is made up of 50-75% water. Cerebrospinal fluid is a clear, colorless body fluid similar in chemical composition to blood plasma and seawater. So it can be said that within each one of us resides an Inner Ancient Sea and that this dynamic substance is so sensitive and impressionable that the slightest suggestion, thought or intention can literally reshape our fluid bodies.

Waves & Tides
Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy is based on the awareness of the waves and tides that flow within, around and though each of us. By witnessing and holding space at each level of tidal awareness, we are able to transmute physical, emotional and spiritual limitation and constriction into the fullness and balance that is our natural state of well-being.

Cranial Wave
The Cranial Wave encompasses the Physical Body, Mental and Psychic Realms

“The Source of the Cranial Wave - I suspect that it will turn out, once thorough hydraulic and electromechanical experiments are completed on live human subjects . . . that the majority of what we feel in cranial bone motility is not bone motion at all, but rather the movement of the fluctuating field.
— Hugh Milne, The Heart of Listening

The Cranial Wave is variable and moves at a rate of about 8 – 12 cycles a minute, which breaks down to 3 – 5 seconds or so in each direction. The cranial wave responds to stress levels - speeding up when stress is experienced and slowing down when the parasympathetic nervous system is engaged.

Middle Tide or Fluid Tide
The Middle or Fluid Tide expands out to the Etheric Body and the Spirit

"When the client's ego surrenders control of his body to primary respiration, the infusion of soothing potency settles his mind into a quiet, meditative state. After sufficient time, this breathing field coherently entrains all the cells of the client's body and reunites the body mind. This is the point at which you sense a whole-body breathing."
- Charles Ridley. Stillness

Middle or Fluid tide expresses at a slow, steady pace of about 2 to 2 1/2 cycles per minute. This works out to about 10 to 15 seconds in each direction. In Fluid tide we contact the Etheric Body and the Soul Self and the potency of the Breath of Life as it animates the essence of our being.

Long Tide
The Long Tide is an expression of the Quantum Field, Soul Body, and The Self

"The movement of the long tide seems to be multidimensional, moving outward in all directions, and inward from all directions. This is different from the other two tides, which occur in relation to the body’s midline axis . . . It has more of a holographic feel to it that is clearly not held in any one axis."
- Roger Gilchrist, Craniosacral Therapy and the Energetic Body

The Long Tide expresses at an invariable rate of approximately 1 minute 40 seconds per cycle or about 50 seconds in each direction. This field feels infinitely spacious as it emanates from the core of stillness that arises from our Heart Space (the SA Node). There is a blissful feeling of oneness with All That Is and an opportunity for Physical, Emotional and Spiritual shifts to happen at the Quantum Level. 

Dynamic Stillness
"The Breath of Life arises from profound Stillness. As practitioners deepen their relationship to client’s systems, over time, Stillness becomes a direct clinical perception and is found to lie at the heart of all clinical process. Because of the direct perception of Stillness in clinical work, there is a clear tradition of its appreciation in the cranial field." — Franklin Sills